Product datasheet

Product datasheet (0.4 Mb)

Public deliverables

Please find below the public delivarables released by the UTOFIA board:

Applied Optics (4 Mb) Report on Applications (3 Mb) System integration ‐ prototype with functional test report (7 Mb) Report on behavioural studies to laser light source (20 Mb) Detailed plan for testing of final prototype (3 Mb)


This software is used to replay captured video using the UTOFIA system. You will also find sample datasets below.

Download UTOFIA GUI Player (217 Mb)

We strongly recommend that you download and read the User Manual:

Download User Manual (0.4 Mb)

Sample datasets

Please find below some datasets recorded with the UTOFIA system:

  Fish in Pool (146 Mb)

Quick install instructions

  • Download and install eBUS SDK :  eBUS SDK 64-bit (60 Mb)
  • Download and install MATLAB Runtim R2017b : MCR R2017b win64 installer (1 365 Mb)
  • Download the UTOFIA GUI Player and unzip to a folder of your choosing. The use of the GUI is described in Section 2 of the User Manual. It is also possible to load the data into Matlab which is described in Section 4.
  • Download any dataset from the list above and unzip to the same folder. The data that is downloaded is summarized in Section 5 and the file format the data is stored in is described in Section 3.