All the partners taking part in the UTOFIA project are listed below. You can click on each company logo to learn more about them and how they are involved in the project.



SINTEF (Norway)

SINTEF is a Norwegian non-profit multidisciplinary research foundation with international top-level expertise in a wide range of technological and scientific disciplines, medicine and the social sciences.

Subsea Tech (France)

Subsea Tech is a French engineering company based in Marseilles and specialized in underwater instrumentation and observation systems.


Fraunhofer IMS (Germany)

Fraunhofer IMS is a German R&D institute, and one of Europe’s biggest organizations for applied research, specialized in microelectronics for early transfer to the industry.



Odos Imaging (Scotland)

Odos Imaging is a British company specialized in the development and marketing of high-resolution time-of-flight 3D imaging systems.

DTU Aqua (Denmark)

DTU Aqua is a Danish research institute providing advice, university level education and innovation in sustainable exploitation and management of marine and aquatic resources.


Bright Solutions (Italy)

Bright Solutions is an Italian company specialized in the development of state-of-the-art diode-pumped solid-state laser (DPSSL) systems.

Logo_AZTI_sin claim peque

AZTI (Spain)

AZTI is a Spanish R+D center in marine and food research committed to the social and economic development of the fishing, marine and food sector.